Experiments In Cinema History

Everything was in motion.

The water…the light… and the stars…
which has taken birth in the genesis.
Soil…woods… and the man…
Every moment was dynamic!

Man could not regain the lost moments…the lost motions…
Every motion on earth has drained 
into some eternal infinity.
Like… every rivers are flowing into a great ocean.

One day… man reformed the moments into pictures.
Gave limbs to it.
Pictures have begun to walk… and to run…
Seeing pictures; the world has begun to 
laugh! cry!! and to think!!!

Someone has stated that music is 
the emptiness between notes.
Like that, some artist learned that films are 
the rhythm between motions.
In that rhythm one scene has taken birth.

In the reverberating Jhuk… Jhuk… Jhuk… 
sound of the coal train;
one group of people has scattered and ran outside.
This is the first ‘shot’ from the ‘history’ of films!

In 1895, this first film exhibition conducted by Lumiere brothers, which lasted for few minutes, became the first unforgettable moment in the film history.From that day, world began to savor the exciting motions in the silver screen.

1903. December-1, in U.S.A, Edwin.S.Porter had broken history of the movie making. As a mile stone, He produced a 12 minutes story based movie 'The Great Train Robbery'.
The Film is considered to be the first real full length movie, the first narrative Western film with a storyline.
‘The Great Train Robbery’  was the first real smash hit and Edwin.S.Porter was also the Director, Writter And Editor of the film.  

1913. The limelight in the silver screen has come to India too. Dada Sahib Phalke’s ‘Raja Harischandra’ became the first ‘reel’ in the history of Indian films.

1928. ‘Vigathakumaran’ by J C Daniel, became the first milestone in the history of malayalam films. But, years before ‘vigathakumaran’, the first page in the history of Malayalam films has been written in the land of Thrissur.

1907. Kattukkaran Varunny has exhibited the films blooming of a flower, horse race, and Christ through bioscope in Thekkinkadu meadows of Thrissur.
This exhibition in Thrissur by Varunny was the first milestone of Malayalam film history.
Again, Thrissur had to await half a century to write its own history of films.

1955. Turning the camera to an unusual path of film making, a genius young student, P Ramdas has begun an era of Neo-realistic films in the history of Indian cinema by his ‘News Paper Boy’.
By this second film experiment in Thrissur, P Ramdas has become the youngest film director in the history of Indian films.
May be the repetition of  history or the coincidence, to see another experiment in the soil ploughed by Varunny and Ramdas, we had to await another half a century.

2007When mobile phones were flooding, like mushrooms sprout during monsoon, Sathish kalathil and friends, the natives of Thrissur has captured ‘Veena Vaadanam’ (recital of Lute), a documentary in mobile phone. With this third experiment, Thrissur has become the womb of the first mobile phone movie in India.
2010 June 06.  Into the history of world films, Sathish kalathil and friends are capturing an ever memorable ‘shot’ from Thrissur. May be due to the confidence they gained from their first venture ‘Veena Vaadanam’, though they don’t have a costly film camera, they had taken a pledge then that ‘we will make a feature film’.
Today they had done itA feature film through mobile phone! Jalachhayam

The team behind this experimental film is cherishing only one thing.The attention of the film lovers. Beause this experimental film ‘Jalachhayam’ is a beacon of light.
Let the audience, who loves the throbbing films, say whether this venture is a success or not… 
*Thrissur is a district of kerala in india
Written by :
Bhasi Pangil-Staff Reporter Of Kerala Kaumudi Malayalam Daily